What we do

We supply art, wall art and photo frames to a wide range of customers – from high-street gift shops and multiples, to major corporates and interior designers.

Building on our years of experience, we work in partnership with our customers, understanding their business and its needs to help them become more competitive.

Framed art

To ensure we stay at the leading edge of design, we source art from artists around the world. Regular new product launches keep stocks in stores fresh and interesting. At the same time, we maintain quality standards by keeping production in-house. Our skill at all stages, from design and sampling through to manufacturing and presentation, is reflected in the finished product. As a result, we offer one of the most up-to-date ranges of framed art available in the high street – beautifully produced and competitively priced.

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Wall Art
We offer Wall Art in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Photo frames

To increase our product offer to customers, we have expanded our range to include photo frames. These are made by an Australian/Chinese company – a departure from our usual UK sourcing policy. However, customers have been as impressed as we were with their excellent quality.

Sizes range from 5 x 3½ inches to 20 x16 inches. Some mouldings can be matched to those of our UK art projects, where a consistent look is required.

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